How to Find Career Q&A Videos


Ferguson's Career Guidance Center includes over 230 Career Q&A videos. In each video, a working professional answers questions about their job, education, and industry—including main duties, how they got started in their career, required education or training, workplace atmosphere, a typical day on the job, the industry's main goals and challenges, advice to young people entering the profession, and much more.

For a list of all Career Q&A videos, see What professions are included in the Ferguson's Career Q&A Videos?

Access Career Q&A videos directly from the Career Videos landing page, on applicable profession profiles, or through search.

To access videos from the Career Videos landing page:

  1. On the hamburger menu, in the "More..." section, select "Career Videos."


  2. On the Career Videos landing page, click the Career Q&A filter to expand to see filter options.
  3. Select Career Q&A industry categories to filter down the results.


  4. To view a particular Career Q&A video, click on the video title or thumbnail in the results.



To search for videos:

  1. In the main search box, enter a video name or keyword, and click to search.
  2. On the Search Results page, click the "Video" tab to see video results.
  3. To filter down to just Career Q&A videos, click the Career Q&A filter.
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