How to Find Career Tips Videos


The Ferguson's Career Tips video series offers job search and career advice in short, engaging videos. You'll find tips for crafting strong resumes and cover letters, answering tricky interview questions, building a network, and making the most of a career fair or an internship.

You will find Career Tips videos featured on many landing pages. You can also access these videos directly from the Career Videos landing page or search for videos by name or keyword.

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To access videos from the Career Videos landing page:

  1. On the hamburger menu, in the More section, select "Career Videos."


  2. On the Career Videos landing page, click the Career Tips filter to expand to see filter options.
  3. Select from the Career Tips filter categories.


  4. To view a particular Career Tip video, click on the video title or thumbnail in the results.



To search for videos:

  1. In the main search box, enter a video name or keyword, and click to search.
  2. On the Search Results page, click the "Video" tab to see video results.
  3. To filter down to just Career Tip videos, click the Career Tip filter.
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