How to Learn More about an Industry


Do you want to learn more about a particular industry? Ferguson's Career Guidance Center includes in-depth profiles of over 140 industries, including overview and background information, outlook, resources and associations, and more. 

In addition, over 230 Career Q&A videos give an inside look at a particular job and associated industry. In these video interviews, working professionals talk about industry goals, challenges, and future outlook, along with detailed information about their careers. These and other industry videos are accessible through the Career Videos landing page and search.

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To find industry profiles:

    1. Open the hamburger menu, and select Research Industries in the Explore Careers section. (This option is also available in the Explore Careers card on the Homepage.)


    2. The Featured Industries page highlights popular industries. You can click on any of these to access the full industry profile.


    3. The All Industries page lists all industry profiles in Ferguson's. Click any of the links to go to the industry profile.

    4. Each industry profile covers overview, background, structure, industry outlook, and resources and associations. Use the Table of Contents links to navigate between sections, or click "View Full Article" to view the entire article on one page.


    5. The Related Professions tab of an industry profile provides a quick way to access related profession profiles. Sort by Salary, Outlook, or A to Z. Click any of these results to go to the full profession profile.


To find industry videos:

    1. On the hamburger menu, in the "More..." section, select "Career Videos."


    2. On the Career Videos landing page:
      • For general industry videos, click the Industry Insights filter.
      • For Career Q&A videos, click the Career Q&A filter to expand to see filter options.


    3. To view a particular video, click on the video title or thumbnail in the results.


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