Supported Authentication Methods


Infobase supports multiple types of authentication for its digital products, allowing members of approved educational institutions to seamlessly access their online databases.


Each customer account can have one universal username and password that can be used to log in to any of our products. This username and password can be shared with faculty and students within the school or library. This option can be great for institutions that want remote access without any additional setup or software.

IP Authentication

IP-based authentication is designed to give users direct access to an institution's online database, bypassing the username and password login. If an institution has a static IP address or range of IP addresses through which it connects to the Internet, IP authentication can provide easy and secure access to all authorized content and the full feature set of our digital platforms.


Any institution using EZproxy as its authentication system can utilize this same tool to authorize access to all Infobase online products. After a simple setup process, educators and/or students can view their authorized content by using the same credentials that they use to log in to the campus-wide EZproxy system.

Referring URL

Referring URL authentication provides institutions with a simple way to identify users from a specific institution based on a URL and then automatically route them to their available content from Infobase.

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